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The Past: The Hyderabad Ophthalmic Association (HOA) was started in 1996 and nurtured by a group of experienced and forward looking ophthalmologists from the twin-cities of hyderabad and secunderabad, namely Dr Arun Kabra, Dr Saibaba Goud, Dr Pradeep Swarup, Dr Ravi Kumar Reddy and Dr Ravi Prasad Challa. Dr.Saibaba Goud was Secretary from 1995 to 2003 during which time about 130 members enrolled as members of HOA. Dr.Ravi Prasad Challa was made secretary in 2003 from then on HOA really took off as he ably conducted quality quarterly meetings, inviting national level faculty for the first time. In just two years of his secretaryship HOA membership doubled to 260. 

The Present: The organization was taken to a more active level with regular quarterly meetings covering various subspecialties in ophthalmology. These have been particularly focussed academic sessions with active involvement of host faculty as well as invited speakers from other parts of the country that have served as continued medical education opportunities for our ophthalmologists. The new website will provides a whole new means of promoting HOAs objectives of interaction within its members by means of various dynamic features such as Discussion boards, Online members directory, Find a physician, Case of the month, Ophthalmic quiz, academic videos and presentations besides a host of patient and physician resources.

The Future: With the new executive committee elected recently elected and comprising several younger members, the organization has several plans for the coming days which include an online newsletter, a HOA journal, social events, fundraisers and even an annual conference.

We hope that all members of the Association will feel that this is their own Group, and consider it their right to benefit from it. Towards this suggestions may be sent to the President, Treasurer, Secretary, or Joint Secretaries.


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